Homework 8


The title of Lee Maracle’s story is “Who’s Political Here?” Write about a person you know –it can be yourself– who acts or has acted according to a political belief in their own life. Articulate the political belief and the way this person expresses it. You may change the person’s name and other distinguishing features to respect privacy if necessary. Due Thursday.

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  1. Nick says:

    We will just this person Lady. She is from Onadaga although she has family that lives within Kahnawake, when she went for a months long on vacation somewhere in the states when she was finished with her vacation and was coming to go see her family the government tried kicking her out of Canada and told her to go back to Onadaga. Even though she resolved that problem a couple of years ago it was a long process to resolve until she was aloud back into Canada.


    • susanbriscoe says:

      It sounds like this incident didn’t necessarily involve a decision on her part to act on her political principles, but that others (the government) imposed their political views on her.


  2. karahkwinetha says:

    The person I believe to be a political inspiration is my mother, Diane Labelle. She is a political inspiration because she is the ultimate fighter for her beliefs, as well as never someone who will not take no for an answer. I would know.

    Diane Labelle is a strong advocate for the LGBT community, especially in her community of Kahnawake. Ms. Labelle is a perfect advocate for the LGBT community because she understands what it is like, not knowing who you are and fighting for what you want. On March 5th 2003, Diane Labelle had given a talk on First Nations Colonialism and Two-Spirit identity at Vanier College. She states;

    “You may know the terms ‘gay’ ‘bisexual’ and ‘transgender’ but do you know what ‘two-spirited’ means? To understand the term Two-Spirit, we must return to pre-colonial times and explore First Nation people’s vision of sexual and gender identity and the historical contributions of Two-Spirited people to their societies. A critical analysis of the effects of colonialism and of residential schools is necessary, so that we may arrive at an understanding of how the role of First Nation women and of Two-Spirited people has been so altered in the last century.” (chttp://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/majors/womens-studies/files/brochure/womens-week.pdf)

    As Ms. Labelle stated this, she has helped many indigenous people around Canada, “come out” and recognize the multi-face aspects of the LGBT community. Welcoming them into the examination of the contemporary challenges Canada has to offer the world, and trying to alternate it according to their defined identity.


  3. lylee says:

    My dad because town is trying to take away his land because he doesn’t live there, and probably also because he had children with a white woman. We pretty much never got any support financially or anything at all for whatever reasons that we’ll never know. Town did help however provide a top notch lawyer to defend my case against an assault charge, but that still didn’t stop them from finding me guilty anyway, but I appreciated the support at that time none the less. For my dad and myself for whatever education stuff we needed we had to get it on our own and pay for everything on our own because you can supposedly only get funded if you live on the rez, which sucks because I mean, my dads 100% and I’m half so I don’t see how our own reserve could refuse to help us like that, on top of that my dd is the only one who works full time in my family because my mom got laid off work and no one is really hiring her anywhere that she has already tried. But I mean hey, at least soon I can get more work than I have now so my dad can have more rest because he has a knee problem and needs surgery but he can’t afford it right now and plus he needs to work and with the surgery he’s have to take time off. It’s just messed up but whatever I guess. With that my dad is trying to act political to at least keep the land that town is trying to take away from him but I don’t know how that’s going to turn out.


  4. that guy in the far left corner of your class says:

    A person that I know to have a strong personal code and political beliefs would have to be Kenyon Deer, and while you may not believe me it’s true. Kenyon is a libertarian at heart and believes in a free world where humanity can live their own lives with minimal government interference. Only stepping in to protect the peoples rights and the free market.

    Kenyon in his life has never been anything less than fair. He takes things that are given and always gives to the people that really need it. When he criticizes other political beliefs (socialism) it is only because he opposes taxation from the government because he believes taxation is taking from the people that managed to find a degree of success and it may not even go to the needy.


  5. Kenyon Deer says:

    Well I’d have to pick me here. I’m a libertarian, I’ve been for ad long as I’ve formulated my own political beliefs. I’ve always expressed my views heavily. I’m so dead set and cocal about my beliefs that my friends will jokingly say socialism is great to bug me. I’ve always been an advocate for personal freedom and minimal intervention from authoritarian bodies. My views are also prominent when it comes to substance usage. I condemn the abuse of drugs and alcohol and I’m very vocal about this, that being said I’ve never gone out of my way to prevent someone from using such substances. I am strongly for personal freedom and my actions reflect my opinion


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