Homework 10: Characterization

Some of us think of ourselves as the protagonists of our own lives. In what ways could you also say you are like a rounded character? In what ways are you like a dynamic character? Due Thursday.

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8 Responses to Homework 10: Characterization

  1. nick says:

    I am into sports and science although I don’t know what I want to profession in, I’m also disconnected from my community but I have my connections that still make my community feel like home. That’s how I’m like a rounded character and as for a dynamic character, my life is really only starting since I’m only 17 and I still have a long life ahead of me. I will be pursuing many goals and my current physical and mental states will always be changing as I grow, with new connections, expectations, and dreams.


  2. sage says:

    As the protagonist of my life, I have encountered events where I have change psychically and mentally.

    One events helped me become a round character, was seeing my step mother battled cancer, but loose in the end. My step Mother, Brenda had always told me to live life to the fullest, and never take anything for granted. Brenda was the strongest women I know, she taught me so many things like, beading, cooking and traditional dancing.

    The reason I’m talking about Brenda and her journey is because she helped me understand how lucky I am to be alive and healthy. Brenda has helped me change and see the world in new perspective, and “Carpe Omnia” which mean seize everything; I believe this has relevance because you need to seize everything that comes your way, or else you’re not living.
    As a for the dynamic aspect of my character, I would have to say my best friend/ sister Dayna, helped me see my inner self. She is the person I could rely on for everything, however since she moved to Calgary, I’ve had to rely on myself. She has helped me see aspects of myself I was blinded to see.

    With each of these aspects of being rounded or dynamic, I believe it is our environment that really influence us and the people we surround ourselves with who make us who we are.


  3. Amberlyn Canadian says:

    Being the protagonist of my own life I would say I am pretty complex. I gone under big changes mentally and physically. I have gone through the biggest change in my mind where I have come to accept certain things and I am still trying to accept other things such as being disconnected from both the communities I am from. I feel I have become a complete different person from who I was 4 years ago. I have become open minded and have been able to see things differently.


  4. AutumnGlasgow says:

    As the protagonist of my life I would say I’m pretty dynamic.
    I say this because as a young woman I’ve been through so much life changes, and the biggest one is me being a Mother. in the life span of 19 years, I’ve been faced with many challenges that some people don’t face at all. I’ve lived through losing my father and also a silbling but from all of that i learned and grew from these horrible loses.Becoming a mother has only turned and shaped me into a better person for not only myself but my son as well. Dealing with all these live changes has only been lessons that I learned from.


  5. Teioshontathe McGregor says:

    As being a protagonist of my own life, I can only say that I’m dynamic. This past year I lost my grandmother, it was the hardest time for me. My grandmother and I didn’t talk for 2-3 years, and I lived with her. The last few months of her life, we grew closer and closer again. I change as a person often, I don’t like being the same person who has so many bad memories, losing my family, friends, anyone. I change as a person as often as I need to. All my life choices changes me and in the end I regret doing most of them. Nobody’s life is ever easy, and everyone either changes or grows up. That’s how life works. So in the end I’m pretty dynamic


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