Homework 13: Act 1

In Act I of Tomson Highway’s play The Rez Sisters, the characters have multiple conflicts in their relationships with each other. These conflicts stem from a personal problem or unmet need or desire of the individual characters.

Choosing the character you read in class, explain how that character’s struggle creates conflicts with others.

Reflection question (written is optional): Do your personal issues create conflicts with others?

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3 Responses to Homework 13: Act 1

  1. nick says:

    The character I took the role of was Emily Dictionary, she currently works at a store. Destroyed from her lover Rosie’s suicide incident she left the Rez Sisters motorbike gang. Her struggle was when she had to run from her crazy husband threatened to kill her which forced her to abandon her children. She is grieving over Rosie’s death. Then at the end she ends up finding out she is pregnant with Big Joey’s baby.


  2. AutumnGlasgow says:

    Zhaboonigan was the character who I played the role for. Zhaboonigan is a 23 year old who had a mental disability. One of the problems that Zhaboonigan dealt with is that she knows she had been raped by 2 males with a screw driver. Throughout the play her role isn’t looked at a lot because she only speaks every so often and she most of the time doesn’t really make sense when she is speaking. It is made clear that her parents had died in car crash and she was adopted by one of the characters named Veronique St. Pierre. A lot of the other woman judge her and make fun of her because she is mentally challenged.


  3. Teioshontathe McGregor says:

    As Autumn, I played Zhaboonigan. She was mentally challenged, but that didn’t stop Veronique St. Pierre to adopt her, she adored Zhaboonigan as if she was her own. Zhaboonigan didn’t have a great start in life, she had to deal with being raped with a screwdriver by guys she didn’t know, she didn’t know what was happening at the time, so she couldn’t stop it. For me personally I had a hard time to role this character, not because Zhaboonigan was mentally challenged, but because there was so much detail into what happened to her that made me a little uncomfortable.


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