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Homework 15

Course Assessment What did you learn in this course? In what ways did you create the best conditions for your learning? In what ways did you contribute to a positive learning environment for the group? What strengths did you build … Continue reading

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Homework 14: The Rez Sisters

Write yourself in! Imagine yourself as another character in Tomson Highway’s play. Rewrite a brief scene with yourself interacting with one of the actual characters. Perhaps you are one of Annie Cook’s cousins stopping by, or you’re a customer at … Continue reading

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Homework 13: Act 1

In Act I of Tomson Highway’s play The Rez Sisters, the characters have multiple conflicts in their relationships with each other. These conflicts stem from a personal problem or unmet need or desire of the individual characters. Choosing the character … Continue reading

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Homework 12: personal storytelling project

Draw a map of your community and the places where you have learned the lessons you are writing about. Your map drawing can extend to include whatever elements you think are relevant. It does not have to be accurate or include … Continue reading

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Homework 11: Imagery

Recall your earliest vivid memory. Describe the physical and sensory (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) details using precise, carefully chosen words.

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Homework 10: Characterization

Some of us think of ourselves as the protagonists of our own lives. In what ways could you also say you are like a rounded character? In what ways are you like a dynamic character? Due Thursday.

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Homework 9

Write about a time when you wanted or decided to act in a way that went against the moral principles that you were taught or that society imposes to follow what felt right for you personally or what was true … Continue reading

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