Homework for this course is usually preparatory to reading and class work. It is therefore important that you complete it when assigned. Often, the questions are designed to help you find a personal connection to the theme of the assigned text. These are informal writing assignments, so you may express yourself in your own style, taking reasonable care with spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Please remember that if your homework response is too personal to share on the blog, you may always had it in on paper.

Grading is on a one plus or minus scale; that is, you will earn a grade for meeting the assignment requirements; half a point if incomplete, careless, late, or inadequate; a bonus half point if your work is exceptionally thoughtful or creative; and zero if not done within a week of being assigned. You should be writing about 100 words for each assignment.

Remember to write and save your response in a word document, then copy and paste into into the “leave a reply” box and post, as wordpress is sometimes uncooperative.

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HW 1: Listen for stories. Who is telling the story and to whom? Whose story is being told? Why is the story being told? Find as many stories as possible! Keep notes!

HW 2: Who are the storytellers in your family? What are their stories for? Who are the storytellers in your community? What are their stories for?

HW 3: Listen to Part II, Thomas KingThe Truth About Stories, “You’re Not the Indian I Had in Mind.” Listen with family members, if possible, and discuss. Do different generations in your family have different stories about Indigenous identity? Which of King’s stories or comments, if any, did different family members relate to? Which, if any, did they disagree with or object to? Write about any generational or other differences.

HW 4: Most people find a sense of belonging or meaning by having a particular role in their community, regardless of how community is defined. Do you know what your role is or will be, or what you would like it to be? Read Sherman Alexie’s short story This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix Arizona. Please bring a printed copy of the story to class.

HW 5: Think of a story you know that you relate to particularly in some way. It could be a traditional story, movie, novel, comic, rap, or anything else. Why do you feel connected to this story?